Saturday, 10 December 2011

MyPoWriMo: reflections

I've been taking a well-deserved break from blog posting after my self-assigned daily writing challenge for November (see MyPoWriMo posts).

Although fellow writers consider me a prolific poet, I'm fairly ill-disciplined in terms of a daily writing habit.  I do spend an increasing amount of time re-drafting poems, rather than first permitting them rest , unmolested, in my PC's so-called 'Holding Drawer' before undertaking the process of editing.

My intention was to generate more new writing in addition to developing ideas and re-drafting WIPs.  My November blog posts certainly were a mixture of these. 

I did spend a satisfying amount of time trawling through several months' worth of notebooks: some ideas (often generated in poetry workshops) took shape, whilst others led me on tangential journeys to unexpected destinations, or stopovers...

I'm surprised how much time I've spent reminiscing or taking inspiration from childhood experiences (I like Mario Petrucci's term, pickled memories).  In one case, internet research for one poem invoked another memory, generating a new poem.

Although I'm fast running out of steam at the end of a very long teaching term, I was delighted when Friday's email inbox contained a poem acceptance from Under the Radar (Issue 9 is due for publication in early 2012) - a real boost, and an incentive:

I now intend setting to with a will: selections, final edits, further submissions to magazines and journals.

Taking a dive into the aforementioned 'Holding Drawer'...


  1. I think you did so well posting as you did so consistently all through November- a wonderful mix and all of such high quality. Fantastic news about your acceptance for Under The Radar. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Lindsay.
    I also had a very uplifting conversation with Mark Goodwin on Thursday :)
    Where would we be without the support of fellow writers, eh?