Friday, 28 October 2011

Twisted Form

In view of my infrequent blog posting of late, I've decided on a self-assigned writing initiative, MyPoWriMo (My Poetry Writing Month),
during November.

My aim: to blog post daily, in the form of a draft work in progress, part thereof, or, at the very least, a line or two which aspires to poetry - a working wall, of sorts.

May the muse be with me...

Until then, here's an ekphrastic poem:

Twisted Form: The Heart

Create original model in wax.  Use
model to fashion two moulds: plaster
outer, rubber inner; each, negative
forms of original model.  Use
moulds to create hollow wax copy. 
Dress to hide imperfections
until identical to original. 
Coat in slurry and grit.  Fire
in furnace, forming hard ceramic shell,
allowing escape of melted copy,
leaving only negative space.
Fill with molten metal. Cool. 
Beat away/sandblast shell. 
Dress metal, removing tell-tale
signs of casting.  Reveal
perfect imitation of original
twisted form: the heart.

...and the inspiration - one of the exhibits at the Harold Martin garden, University of Leicester, until 30th October:

Twisted Form
lost wax casting


  1. Mmm. That's got me thinking.
    I want to ask questions.
    I like MyPoWriMo and look forward to your postings.

  2. Your blog won't let me post from my blog any more???
    It's a mystery.
    Any way, there's always a way round...
    L x

  3. Re MyPoWriMo: hope I'm not setting myself up to fail, but have neglected my blog, rather, of late.
    I can't comment on Wordpress blogs under my Blogspot URL - suppose because they're rivals.

  4. I love this poem Jayne, I find "dress to hide imperfections" and "until identical to original" very poignant. I think this is a very clever poem because you have wittily used characteristics which apply to both the human heart and sculpture moulding. Very good indeed. Good luck with the writing initiative, sounds ambitious and exciting.

  5. Thank you, Fatima. After visiting the sculpture exhibition, I googled lost wax casting and the was struck with that very thought.