Sunday, 15 January 2012

Blog Moving Day

I hope my followers, regulars and first time visitors will continue to drop by at my new blogsite

The blog is brand new, but will very soon feature my poetry and blogposts about poetry events, workshops and other such larks I've enjoyed.  To join the party, please click here.

I look forward to meeting you there!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Eve: Looking back, looking forward...

With 2011 almost over and the New Year waiting in the wings...

Looking back:
...through 2011: I've attended readings, open mics, workshops and other poetry events.  I've been inspired and motivated by private reading and group discussion of great poetry, and by other/fellow writers (across the genres) at one-off/regular events and groups.  I've continued to be sporadically prolific: writing, workshopping, re-drafting and (occasionally) submitting work for publication.

Looking forward: 2012: to continue to read, discuss and celebrate the work of other poets; to attend and seek inspiration from poetry events, readings, workshops and regular groups; to continue to write, discuss, workshop, re-draft, read/perform and submit my work.

Thank you to fellow members of Soundswrite, Word!, Poetry Stanza Leicester, South Leics Stanza and Leicester Writers' Club, and to numerous individuals and collaboratives (who, hopefully, will know who they are):

Inhale deeply of December
rake to life the embers of the dying year
invoke joyful memories
disarm viral malcontents
shake off sloth of indecision
embrace New Year opportunities.

All best wishes for 2012,
Jayne Stanton

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Snowhenge on Poetry Advent Calendar

My poem, Snowhenge, is today's featured poem on Poetry Advent Calendar.  Read it here.

It was inspired by my native city, Lincoln, in last year's snow.  Weather conditions were such that it cancelled the Christmas market for the first time in its 28-year existence, leading to a £10 million loss for the local economy.

Lincoln Cathedral
photo: Hannah Sylvester

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

He Came To Me: journey of a poem

Poems are journeys: from images, thoughts, feelings, into word-sculpted messages, written and/or voiced.

Below is the journey of one poem:

March 2011:  I wrote a poem, He Came To Me, in response to those names and faces that appear on a daily basis, barely breaking through the palatably packaged texture of broadcast news; the subject of the poem could be any one of innumerable prisoners all over the world who are denied a voice with which to speak out for justice.

6th December 2011: I read this poem as one of more than 50 poems for Amnesty International at Poetry Bites in Birmingham.

9th December 2011: the poem was accepted for issue 9 of Under the Radar magazine (Nine Arches Press), due for publication in early 2012.

13th December 2011: He Came To Me is dedicated to Hakamada Iwao, aged 75 years on 10th March 2011.  Click here to read more.  

 Amnesty International Logo

Saturday, 10 December 2011

MyPoWriMo: reflections

I've been taking a well-deserved break from blog posting after my self-assigned daily writing challenge for November (see MyPoWriMo posts).

Although fellow writers consider me a prolific poet, I'm fairly ill-disciplined in terms of a daily writing habit.  I do spend an increasing amount of time re-drafting poems, rather than first permitting them rest , unmolested, in my PC's so-called 'Holding Drawer' before undertaking the process of editing.

My intention was to generate more new writing in addition to developing ideas and re-drafting WIPs.  My November blog posts certainly were a mixture of these. 

I did spend a satisfying amount of time trawling through several months' worth of notebooks: some ideas (often generated in poetry workshops) took shape, whilst others led me on tangential journeys to unexpected destinations, or stopovers...

I'm surprised how much time I've spent reminiscing or taking inspiration from childhood experiences (I like Mario Petrucci's term, pickled memories).  In one case, internet research for one poem invoked another memory, generating a new poem.

Although I'm fast running out of steam at the end of a very long teaching term, I was delighted when Friday's email inbox contained a poem acceptance from Under the Radar (Issue 9 is due for publication in early 2012) - a real boost, and an incentive:

I now intend setting to with a will: selections, final edits, further submissions to magazines and journals.

Taking a dive into the aforementioned 'Holding Drawer'...

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


First draft of an idea hatched in a late-night writing workshop in Guy's Tower, Warwick Castle...


Some are big mouths:
the Fourth Form Who’s Who of Shagging, Roll of Honour on the cloakroom wall
dirty jokes and labelled diagrams, sniggers in black marker on toilet cubicles

Some are cry babies:
D 4 M, a broken heart and biro tears, smudged across a dog-eared exercise book
compass-etched and inked initials, indelible wounds on desk lids

Some are tearaways:
lost childhoods, tumbleweed echoes
wind-snatched from deserted playgrounds…